Frequently Asked Questions

Online courses, workshops, events & consultancy

1. Online Courses

Q: What are these courses designer for?

Blocknorth courses are designed to give you a full and clear understanding of blockchain technology and it's impact on business and the wider world. Our courses uniquely present blockchain in a way that is simple-to-grasp and will equip you with the practical knowledge to take advantage of this transformative technology.

Q: What kind of skills do I need to complete a Blocknorth course?

No prior knowledge of blockchain technology is required. Absolutely no technical skills are required. Our courses are specifically designed to be accessible for all.

Q: How much is it to enrol onto a course?

Prices range from £80 to £120 per individual learner, team discounts are available for group of 2 or more. You can either head over to the learning portal to create an account and purchase instant access to a course, or contact us for team discounts.

Q: Are you courses SCORM compliant?

Yes. All of our courses are SCORM compatible and can be easily uploaded into your own LMS.

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2. Workshops

Q: How often do you run workshops?

Workshops are available on a flexible schedule to suit your teams needs. Please contact us for pricing and availability. You can find out if we have any upcoming events at our eventbrite.

Q: Where do workshops take place?

We take a flexible approach to arranging workshops. We frequently use our learning space in Newcastle-upon-tyne or alternatively we can bring the workshop to your location.

Q: How long do workshops last?

Workshop duration varies depending on the course subject and level of learning.

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3. Events

Q: What events do you run?

We have a full programme of Blocknorth Block Party events held throughout the year, across the UK.

Q: What is a Blocknorth Block Party?

A Blocknorth Block Party brings together a wide range of business and enterprise in one room to talk about all things blockchain. We mix this together with a fantastic selection of exciting speakers, great food and drink to deliver an evening of tremendous fun, networking and learning. See the video from our Block Party held at Barclays Eagle Labs here.

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4. Consultancy

Q: What kind of consultancy do you offer?

Everything from brand strategy to helping to bring emerging technology products to market.

Q: Where can I find out more?

You'll need to have either a virtual or real-life coffee with our CSO, Gordon Dodd. We can go over your needs and provide a plan of action accordingly.

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