Blockchain for the Engineering Sector

Blockchain technology has seen a surge in interest within the past year, coinciding with the increased importance placed on data validity, transparency and security worldwide.  

As a successful Engineering company in South West Scotland, QEM Solutions know first-hand the importance, and indeed the requirement in their industry for compliance and a secure audit trail. Fortunately, they had the development talent in-house to build two separate systems that could help other engineering companies improve their processes with blockchain technology.

QEM Solutions are now one of our trusted technology partners, delivering seamless enterprise integration of blockchain technology.

The Underlying Platform: TrustMore

TrustMore is a proprietary Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that enables existing enterprise applications to integrate seamlessly with blockchain technology.

What does this mean in practice? Integrating blockchain doesn’t need to be an incredibly expensive and time consuming overhaul of your current business systems. TrustMore can integrate with your current systems through just three lines of code.

But why would an engineering company need to consider blockchain? For three reasons.

  • Audit Trail - TrustMore offers a verifiable, secure, traceable, and irreversible audit trail of your company records, transactions and artefacts.
  • Compliance - TrustMore improves your ability to resolve compliance issues, react to new regulatory and compliance obligations and address internal audit requirements
  • Security - Blockchain uses cryptographic encryption to make your organisational data more secure.
Blockchain has a great number of uses in the engineering environment - designs, approvals, appraisals, engineering designs, material trace-ability, supply chain management, schemes of examination. From an engineering standpoint, a written scheme of information is what stops you going to jail. One of the problems is that people don't trust the information right now - but blockchain can change that. We need to trust the integrity of the information - the data needs to be verifiable, and where necessary be transparent.

Ultimately, the TrustMore platform enables companies to reduce their business risk and increase operational efficiency by putting their datasets onto the blockchain. More can be found on their website at trustmore.co

The Out-of-the-Box Solution: Mineral Blue

Mineral Blue is an innovative, cloud based safe work system backed by the TrustMore blockchain. Mineral Blue streamlines safety processes using the Internet, blockchain and mobile devices. By reducing administration time, it empowers managers to provide a safer workplace.

During a recent pilot project saved £5million from an expenditure of only £100k. As Mineral Blue is blockchain enabled, it instils trust all the way from hi-vis guys to boardroom stakeholders.

The platform reduced worker downtime by 80%, simply by automating permit production in the cloud

It also enables better project management, as isCompliant integration provides easy access to management processes built on the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 management standards.

The bottom line is Mineral Blue isn't about the Internet or blockchain specifically. It's not about permits, or risk assessments. Mineral Blue is about time, and money.

The Go-Forward

Choose TrustMore to create a bespoke blockchain integration for your own business processes.

Or choose Mineral Blue to be up and running in hours with a proven, blockchain-powered safe work system in the engineering sector.

Go to trustmore.co, or get in touch via hello@trustmore.co to find out more about either system