Innovative blockchain research project gets green light

Newcastle University blockchain research
Blockchain research project, Blocknorth & Newcastle University

Blocknorth is delighted to announce the commissioning of a significant blockchain technology research project in collaboration with Newcastle University.

Working with the Newcastle University, Blocknorth will be delivering intrinsic research on the impact, application and roll-out of blockchain technology within specific sectors.

As a function of prior industrial research, Blocknorth has pre-identified four of the leading sectors which they believe will travel furthest, fastest against chosen technology uptake and technology impact parameters.

Gordon Dodd, CSO, Blocknorth

”We’re thrilled to be working in close partnership with Newcastle University who have a demonstrable history of producing outstanding research projects. This is a significant size project and will deliver an entirely unique toolkit for analysing the impact and uptake of blockchain technology in any given sector.“

The project size is £20000 with a commencement date of Feb 2019, and with a delivery date of March/April 2019. This is in part funded through the European Research Development Fund.

Newcastle University blockchain research

This project will be led by Professor Aad Van Moorsel and Dr Karen Elliot, both influential figures at Newcastle University. Professor Van Moorsel is the lead in Computer Science (Cyber Security) and has a strong interest in the technical development of blockchain technology. Dr Elliot is Lecturer/Assistant Professor at the NU Business School, delivering a range of modules linked to Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creativity. Professor Van Moorsel and Dr Elliot will be backed up by a number of research associates who will assist in delivering the research project.

Blocknorth anticipates this piece of research to form a significant part of a sectoral analysis toolkit for blockchain technology, to be launched in Q2 2019. Watch this space!