Common Cause

’cause many minds are better than one

Blocknorth, along with Muckle Solicitors and Barclays Eagle Labs were delighted to be invited to present to the Common Purpose North East Of England Graduate Connect Event, March 12th 2019, which focussed on the impact of emerging technologies and their potential impact upon market sectors both in the immediate and in the future.

Common Purpose Blockchain Workshop

Common Knowledge

and of course, knowledge is power

Blocknorth took the opportunity to unpick some of the warp and weft which currently surrounds the introduction of blockchain technology – and specifically focused upon some of the key benefits: 

  • Complete digitisation of data management
  • Increased transparency of data
  • Increased traceability of data
  • More streamlined management of data
  • More security of data through cryptographic encryption

Common Ground 

Great minds think alike…. or fools seldom differ?

Within the break-out group (and what a group!) what emerged very quickly was a consensus (oh, this is not an in-sector joke) around the potential applications and uptake of blockchain technology.

And (very) interestingly we were able to highlight the differential between ‘defensive’ purpose of application and ‘value-add’ purpose of application.

In fact…by the end of the session we’d identified examples where both ‘defensive’ and ‘value-add’ outputs could be comfortably combined.

And that’s pretty close to “well done us”.

Common Ground

By the end of the session there was an increasing awareness of how the arc of blockchain technology shares common ground with other disruptive technologies – and how this provides a spectrum of both displacement, energy liberation and invariably great new opportunities.

Common Sense

was never that common 

If you want to find out more about how Blockchain can affect your business why not get in touch – we have a cracking hit-and-run ‘Welcome to Blockchain’ workshop which delivers a great intro – and you never know you might find ut if you’re common or uncommon after all.