Hold the front desk

It turns out, all along, blockchain is not the technology of tomorrow.

No, indeed, it’s the technology of today.

Blockchain: passing the useful test

We figure that part of the veiled mystery which surrounds blockchain is the pervading sense of mañana. 

We fancy that this ‘mystery’ is best addressed by demanding that blockchain moves from a permanent tomorrows-world based futurology to a current-world based technology.

Get Hungry: Let the dog see the rabbit

Part of our ‘demand’ is that blockchain platforms have to start getting hungry, chomping at the bit to make their case for why they matter.

When working with any of our partners we put this sense of urgency front and centre in our approach.

Blocknorth: Practically Speaking

To start addressing the concept of technology relevance we’ve developed a modest (but perfectly formed) axiomatic suite of key tests which blockchain needs to meet to demonstrate a level of, amongst others, impact, efficiency or value-add which will generate confidence and user-acceptance.

Blocknorth: Going Dutch

We’ve been working with our partners Syscoin, based in Holland, on how we can accelerate the roll-out and acceptance of blockchain capacity.

To make sure that we stay in ‘current-world’ we’ve adopted an approach which is underpinned by blockchain technology platforms that deliver working advantages and secure gains for our clients, today.

Hey, and, of course. we self-check against our key axioms as above!

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