Supporting CPD can increase motivation & retention

Blockchain Training in the UK

A CPD research survey of over 1000 people found a strong correlation between valuing and undertaking CPD, and commitment to the job. Committed staff are likely to work harder and stay longer. When you combine our quality CPD accredited courses with the opportunity to learn about a disruptive, emerging technology like blockchain you get a really exciting and affordable value-add proposition for your employees.

Keep your staff on the cutting edge

Emerging technology CPD

It doesn't matter what role an employee has in a business, the up-skill of your workforce in such a cutting edge technology can only assist in keeping your entire business on the front step. You don't want you and your people to be playing catch-up to competitors on getting your head round blockchain technology.

Strong employer support for exciting CPD will aid recruitment

Your organisation will be seen as a forward thinker. Whether you're convinced blockchain will disrupt your business model or not, your employees and future potential will see the fact their organisation is thinking about the future and not being blinkered to changed.

Not a time thief

Our blockchain CPD courses are designed to maximise the learners time, provide the necessary information to give your employees a full and clear understanding of blockchain technology and it's impact on business - but does not mean it takes a 6-hour day to achieve.

Blocknorth learning courses typically take approximately 120 minutes to complete, and once completed the learner will be fully equipped with a clear foundation knowledge of the subject. Minimise time away from your business, maximise learning and knowledge retention through our easy-to-use and interactive learning platform.

Ensure your keep up with your competitors

Your competitors are educating their own staff about blockchain technology right now. We know, because we deliver it! Blockchain CPD is on the radar for big companies all around the world, and your staff will need to know the basics so that they understand the potential impact of the technology.

Make your staff bigger contributors to the team

Regular CPD helps to ensure that your staff continue to make a meaningful contribution to your team. It allows them to become more effective in the workplace, and subsequently assists them to advance in their career and move into positions of management, leadership and influence.

CPD learning is critical for helping your staff progress in their careers to elevated positions of influence, ensuring high morale and cultivating a team of high achievers.

Increased client confidence in your team

Blockchain CPD will help increase client and public confidence in your business as you demonstrate your knowledge capacity for emerging tech. Ensure your clients view you as ahead of the curve with blockchain CPD courses.

If you can demonstrate that you have a firm knowledge grasp of emerging technologies through blockchain CPD, then you’re likely to inspire increased confidence and retention in your existing clients.

Keep your staff interested in progressing their professional skills

Blockchain CPD learning will help your employees stay interested and interesting. Focused learning in emerging technology opens up new possibilities, new knowledge and new skill areas.

It is possible to progress our blockchain CPD learning through different tiers of knowledge and expertise. You can give all of your staff a fundamental knowledge of blockchain technology, then a certain few could progress to intermediate and expert level learning.