When: Thursday 6th June 2019

Where: Centre for Professional & Executive Development, Teesside University (Darlington Campus)

Not only marking the start of Summer, June also saw the return of the Blocknorth Block Party! This time the event was hosted in collaboration with the outstanding team at DigitalCity, based out of Teesside University.

The CPED venue on the Darlington Campus is a fantastic modern setting and was perfect for our latest evening of blockchain. ‘Party’ is a key word for these events – they offer an informal setting where we combine business networking with beer, pizza and informative blockchain presentations!

The evening focused on two specific industry sectors:

  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Legal
Block Party Blockchain Event
Blocknorth, TUTI dx presentation.

The Teesside region is incredibly well represented in these sectors, with some of the top engineering and legal firms in the UK. The presentations on the evening addressed how blockchain was affecting these sectors directly. The focus was on exploring practical case studies of how blockchain was delivering enterprise benefits in the real-world, right-now.

Blocknorth, Blockchain Impact Analysis

Dr Julie Wilson, Visiting Research Fellow @ Newcastle University kicked proceedings off with a presentation on TUTI dx, our blockchain impact analysis tool for business & enterprise.  Julie has worked collaboratively with the Blocknorth team to help deliver TUTI dx to market.

TUTI dx will answer the following: Is this technology right for you? How can blockchain improve what you already do? Will it bring a competitive advantage? And if so, what scale of competitive advantage will this bring? It will then assess if you’re ready for blockchain , and if you are – what are the steps to take toward an integration.

TrustMore, Blockchain-as-a-Service

Rob Graham, CEO @ QEM Solutions then took the stage to deliver a presentation on his exciting new product launch – TrustMore. TrustMore is an exciting new Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) product launch, enabling existing enterprise applications to integrate seamlessly with blockchain technology.

Rob was thrown an unexpected challenge just before heading ‘on-stage’, as he was tasked with explaining blockchain technology to those in the room who had very limited knowledge on the subject. See this clip of Rob explaining blockchain through the use of beer bottles.

The focus was of course TrustMore though, a platform that has already built an impressive portfolio of successful enterprise blockchain projects.

One of those was Mineral Blue, as Rob explained:

Mineral Blue is an exciting one for us. Mineral Blue is a safe system of work, it does various things, it validates competency records, it validates that permits and isolations are in place for organisations, but they key to it is ...the information that is required to validate something is done correctly… is stored on the blockchain. So if something did go wrong, it is easy for someone to prove that they did the right thing at the right time.

Blockusign & Syscoin Platform

The final presentation of the evening was made by Dan Wasyluk, CEO @ Blockchain Foundry. This was an exciting feature of the evening, as Blockchain Foundry and a listed company in Canada and a world respected blockchain development team. Dan was actually live-streaming all the way from Toronto for his presentation.

Dan gave a live demonstration of Blockusign, a product developed by the Blockchain Foundry: 

How do we use blockchain to mitigate the risks of document data theft or forgery? What we’ve developed at Blockchain Foundry using the Syscoin protocol is a proof-of-concept we call Blockusign. What Blockusign does is it actually creates what is best equated to as a fingerprint for a document, so that if a document is ever changed, this fingerprint is changed and you can immediately recognise that this has been modified.

Dan was one of the co-founders of the Syscoin blockchain, and Blocknorth have worked closely with the Syscoin Marketing and Development team over the past 6-months - indeed we were delighted to welcome Ryan and Michiel from the Syscoin team to the event itself.

Full presentation from Dan can be found at: https://twitter.com/Syscoincmt/status/1136702044339888128?s=20

Block Party, Blockchain Event in Teesside

Where next?

Look out for our next event, as we take Block Party to Europe. Block Party: Amsterdam, jointly hosted by Blocknorth and Syscoin.

Date to be announced very soon!

More info on platforms can be found here:

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