Blocknorth Course

Blockchain for Legal Sector

Course Outline

Course duration: 1 hour / 1 CPD hour

Unit 1: Blockchain for Legal Professionals

›  How could blockchain be used by a legal firm
›  How smart contracts are relevant to the legal sector
›  The challenges of using smart contracts
›  How Ricardian smart contracts differ
›  Potential smart contract use cases
›  Smart contract real-world case studies

Unit 2: Blockchain Regulation

›  How the regulatory environment is developing around blockchain
›  How blockchain could be used for Intellectual Property rights management
›  The phenomenon of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO's)
›  Blockchain and GDPR

Unit 3: Case Studies

›  Case study: KodakOne
›  Case study: EY and Microsoft
›  Case study: Swedish Land Registry
›  Case study: Top Legal Firms

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We don’t just throw jargon at you. This course breaks down blockchain technology through the use of genuine business case studies & real world applications.

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“The Blocknorth law course really opened my eyes to the possibilities presented by the use of thesedigital contracts. The implications in a wide range of sectors was clear.”

Rob Earnshaw— National Youth Film Academy

Beautifully Designed

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Keep your team on the front foot with an enhanced knowledge of blockchain technology.

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This course enables learners to confidently communicate the benefits & business impact of smart contracts to colleagues and clients.

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