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What you will learn during this course

Unit 1: The Foundation of Blockchain

›  The role of ledgers
›  The digitisation of ledgers
›  Blockchain and how it works
›  The benefits of blockchain technology
›  Significant changes to data management for businesses and enterprise
›  More dynamic network systems for recording transactions

Unit 2: How Does Blockchain Work?

›  The basics of how blockchain technology works
›  The individual elements that make up a block
›  How a new block is added to the chain
›  What is the Merkle Tree and why is it important for blockchain
›  The difference between a public and private blockchain
›  How to choose the best-fit blockchain for business
›  Practical examples of blockchain use

Unit 3: Decentralised Data Management

›  Regular database management
›  The problems associated with centralisation and personal data security
›  Increased corporate responsibility for consumer data
›  The move from regular databases to a decentralised model
›  Blockchain technology and the advantages of decentralisation
›  The implications for big business

Unit 4: What is a Cryptocurrency?  

›  What is a cryptocurrency
›  What is Bitcoin
›  How Bitcoin works
›  How Bitcoin mining works
›  What gives a cryptocurrency value
›  Cryptocurrency and it’s relevance to the business world
›  Cryptocurrency case studies

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“Blockchain for Business 101 was anexcellent introduction to the world of blockchain. I particularly enjoyed that it was concise and used many genuine case-studies of blockchain in action.”

Graeme Dodd— Napper Architects

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