About Us

Our Goals & Values

We believe that the world will be talking about blockchain in the future like it was the internet in the early 90s. That's our starting point - but it is not our mission to preach. Our job is to educate business on the opportunities & challenges posed by blockchain technology.

We do this through a simple three point approach – learning, consultancy and events. Our goal is to be the foremost provider of blockchain learning content, and our broad approach is to make this content affordable and accessible on-demand.

Our Goals

- Foremost provider of on-demand blockchain learning content worldwide
- Foremost provider of blockchain consultancy services the North of England and Scotland
- Foremost programme of blockchain events in the UK
- To raise the profile of the North East UK tech scene as a whole, and to incubate the area as a hotbed for blockchain and other emerging technology

Our Values

We're proud of our region. We think the North East UK is a beautiful place to live and work, and having something Blocknorth here we think is a great thing. From our perspective, too often there is an modest level of imposter syndrome. We need the confidence and chutzpah to say we’ve actually got this, we can do this and we can provide this. That is part of our approach to making this happen

Our Skills
We’re a lean, dedicated team with a varied skill base. Create a venn diagram of our collective backgrounds and you’d see combination of digital marketing, brand consultancy, website design and theoretical physics. Our enthusiasm for blockchain is the ring that binds us together*.

So if you’re interested in exploring the impact of blockchain technology in the business world, sign-up for one of our learning courses, attend one of our events or reach out to us via email. We’re always keen to work with exciting, new projects – come, have a coffee and let’s chat strategy.

*credit: JRR Tolkien

“Our purpose is to translate the relative nature of black box thinking behind blockchain, and to distribute knowledge and learning to our client base… To try to de-entangle the questions marks which are attached to blockchain.”
Gordon Dodd— CSO, Blocknorth
Meet the team

Our Company

Blocknorth's team brings together a varied mix of experience in technology, marketing and brand development.

Gordon Dodd
chief strategy officer
Gordon is CSO of Blocknorth and one of the founding members of the company. Educated with a degree in Theoretical Physics from University of St. Andrews,  Gordon began spent the early part of his career working in the Petrochemical industry. From 2004 - 2018, Gordon ran his own brand consultancy in Newcastle-upon-tyne.
Matt Watson
chief marketing officer
Matt is CMO of Blocknorth and one of the founding members of the company. Prior to Blocknorth, Matt spent 2013 to 2017 focused on creative media and digital marketing for companies in technology-driven marketplaces.

Michael Watson
chief operating officer
Michael is COO of Blocknorth and one of the founding members of the company. Prior to Blocknorth, Michael founded a digital marketing agency that focuses on technology driven marketplaces. During his academic career, Michael completed a Masters degree in Media & Journalism from Newcastle University.
Lewis Colins
Eco-system manager
Lewis is Eco-System Manager at Blocknorth and one of the founding members of the company. Prior to Blocknorth, Lewis worked extensively in business development, events planning and sales focused roles in a variety of sectors. Lewis has been involved in the blockchain space since 2016.
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